How much is Malwarebytes for mac?

Before installing or buy Malwarebytes on MAC computer we should check the minimum requirement for MAC computer. MAC -OS Requirement- Latest Malwarebytes required IOS 10.10 or higher IOS. Hardware Requirement-Any MAC computer which is supporting 10.10 or higher version we can install Malwarebytes on it.

App Store – We always needs to install any software from the app store. Actually, MAC computer also gives us the option to install from out of the store but this is not safe, So always install any app from the app store. Active internet connection-We need a active and good internet to install and update it.

Malwarebytes premium cost is –

For one device.

1 Year Subscription $ 47.19

2 Year Subscription $ 82.58

For Two Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 58.99

2 Year Subscription $ 103.23

For Three Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 70.79

2 Year Subscription $ 123.88

For Four Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 82.59

2 Year Subscription $ 144.53

For Five Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 94.39

2 Year Subscription $ 165.18

For Six Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 106.19

2 Year Subscription $ 185.83

For Seven Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 117.99

2 Year Subscription $ 206.48

For Eight Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 129.79

2 Year Subscription $ 227.13

For Nine Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 141.59

2 Year Subscription $ 247.78

For Ten Devices.

1 Year Subscription $ 153.39

2 Year Subscription $ 268.43

  • 18% of VAT is included in all plan.
  • If you buy any plan for two years you will save 25% on the second year.

You should use any credit card too but it as VISA card, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Also you can pay through PayPal.

If you bought any Antivirus and you are not satisfied with it, Sometime they will give you max. To max.30 days for refund and some are not giving this time too but Malwarebytes will give you 60 days money-back guarantee.

Installation instruction for MAC Computer.

Open any browser or generally, MAC user use safari browser so open safari browser and directly copy and paste this URL in your Safari’s address bar.

Now we have been downloaded Malwarebytes’s trial version we need to install it. So open the download folder and find there Malwarebytes’s dmg file which we downloaded. Now run this file and follow on-screen instruction and install it. When you will install it, your MAC Computer will ask you to put your computer login password. So you need to type your Computer User password here.

One more important thing is that if you have admin rights then you can install Malwarebytes else you can not install it. If you do not have admin right and you want to Malwarebytes install then you need to contact with your administrator so when you will run Malwarebytes’s setup he will type his Login credentials and Malwarebytes will be install. After installation first we need to update it so click on update.

Now we need to activate our Malwarebytes.

  • So open Malwarebytes Downloads.
  • Find activate License option and click on it.
  • Type License key here and click on activate License.
  • Now our Malwarebytes has been activate.

Now go to Malwarebytes’s main window and look at the left side you can see trial version has been disappeared and Malwarebytes is showing as Premium version.

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