Anti-malware protection – Malware can harm your computer when you click on any suspicious email attachment which you receive from an unknown sender. As we found that many of the computer user receive an email as a gift voucher or big discount, and most of the time user click on those advertisements. After that, many types of the problem appear with their computer. For example, their computer running slow, unable to load a website, file takes a long time to open, etc.

To stop all this type of infection, the user needs anti-malware protection provided by Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes blocks all those types of activity which are harming your computer. Malwarebytes scan your computer after every two hours, after installing Malwarebytes user need to turn on real-time protection for Malwarebytes and if the user wants to set schedule scan time.

To turn on real-time protection, the user needs to follow some steps:

  • Click Turn on Protection and activate premium feature
  • Go to System & Privacy settings
  • Tap to choose General Option
  • Click on the lock icon on your screen
  • Then after click on allow
  • After that click on done

If the user has the key to activate Malwarebytes, then click on activate and then after the user needs to enter the key and click on activate the license. After that, its searches for the updates and if it recommends you for the update, then the user can install that.

To set the scheduler scan, the user needs to follow some steps:

  • Open Malwarebytes application
  • Tap on Malwarebytes which is showing in the right top corner
  • Click on preferences to proceed
  • Go to scheduled scan and then set it according to you
  • Then click on apply

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